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libro matricole impiegate lanificio paoletti

After the story of the military cloth, here’s another story from Lanificio Paoletti’s history, which — as is often the case — also came out of the memory of people long part of our company. This story is still shrouded in mystery, based on just a few clues. But, nonetheless, it has already resulted in […]

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textile fair

These have been pretty hectic months for our business. First there were the trade fairs, and then some important events with customers in Asia, and it all had us running hither and thither between airports, big cities and railway stations. Now that we’re finally back in Follina, what have we taken home with us? First […]

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Story of military uniform


We have a lot of stories to tell here at Lanificio Paoletti, and many of those stories are stored in the oral memories of our elders. Every so often one of them opens up their box of memories and harks back to that one time that… That’s how many of these stories end up coming […]

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