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Storytelling in fashion: the Spring/Summer “Mixité” collection


Mixité: Talking Hands atelier spring summer collection made with our fabrics by tailors requesting asylum The choice of materials, pattern and tailoring techniques used in the Spring Summer Mixité collection are the natural implementation of the Talking Hands project philosophy: a tale through fashion, embodied in all the design steps that a fashion collection entails, […]

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La Via Della Lana 2016

La via della lana

Annual Event on the Cultural Significance of Wool 4th edition- Ardite Trame (Bold Weaving) The 4th edition of “La Via Della Lana” (Wool Road) will be held over two weekends on 7-8 May and 14-16 May 2016. This annual exhibition on the cultural significance of wool will take place in the historical Paoletti wool mill […]

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Lanificio Paoletti’s carded wool yarns

A detail of the carding machine

How does a fancy yarn take shape? After mixing the wool flocks, the fancy effect that will characterize the yarn is not homogenously blended, the colours that compose the mélange effect can still be distinguished in different blocks. After one day and one night’s rest, the coloured wool fibres, separated and blended, are ready to […]

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Lanificio Paoletti’ s fancy yarns recipe

First half of 20th century woollen felt

How is a colour created? To create each coloured thread, at Lanificio Paoletti wool staple fibres of different colours are intermixed, and all the pigments are carefully selected and blended like in an artist’s studio. This is the secret of this potpourri of different shades that characterizes our mélange wool fibres. The skill of wool […]

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Renewal Begins with Tradition: Tweed

New coloured tweed Lanificio Paoletti a/w 2016 collection

Before Follina, Scotland’s famous river Tweed was home to some of the earliest known examples of carded wool, which was used primarily to stuff jackets and coats in preparation for the frigid hunting and fishing seasons. The sporty clothing, that was so monikered after the Scottish river, gave an irregular appearance quite similar to the […]

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La Via della Lana 2015 | Archivio Work in Progress


On this edition of “La via della Lana”, the oldest architectural part of the wool factory is going to collect—in a section opened for the very first time—unpublished materials belonging to the company’s historical archive, undergo restoration, and provide accounts of its history using audio-visual commentaries. A work in progress, the archive will systemize all […]

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textile fair

These have been pretty hectic months for our business. First there were the trade fairs, and then some important events with customers in Asia, and it all had us running hither and thither between airports, big cities and railway stations. Now that we’re finally back in Follina, what have we taken home with us? First […]

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