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Founded in 1795 by Gaspare Paoletti in Follina, one of the biggest centres of the wool industry in the then highly active Republic of Venice, Lanificio Paoletti is today the only manufacturer of carded-wool yarns and textiles in the area which has resisted the passage of time, two world wars and the consequent Austrian and Nazi invasions. Today, it is a dynamic and modern company focused on technological development, innovative processes and a continuous and enthusiastic search for new designs.

Lanificio Paoletti produces high-quality Shetland, Tweed and Lambswool carded-wool textiles, selecting mixed wool from the country of origin. Alongside the traditional production of pure-wool textiles, we have specialized over the years in the development of fine mixed textiles such as Wool/Mohair, Wool/Cashmere, Wool/Alpaca and Wool/Silk.

In February 2007, from the S/S 2008 season, we launched our first Spring/Summer collection in Silk/Linen/Cotton – pure cotton, pure linen and silk/hemp.

With a surface area of 13,000 m² and a staff of 40 employees, the company has a vertical structure, with the production cycle including measuring wool, carding, spinning, twisting, warping and weaving (30 looms), with an annual production capacity of 500,000 metres. A small, integrated and modern structure allows us to develop ad-hoc samples in 5 working days to meet any special requests from clients in terms of colour, design and type of finish.

Paoletti textiles are distributed all over the world. Our clients include the most important fashion houses in Europe and worldwide. Our quality is guaranteed by over two centuries of know-how in manufacture, from the raw material to the finished textile, expert workers and close control of every item produced.

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