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Lanificio Paoletti: Autumn Trade Shows in Munich, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai

Munich Fabric Start 2015

Lanificio Paoletti is operating at full speed! We’ve been rather busy with new trade shows and will be fully engaged with not just Europeans, but the international arena as we prepare our 2016 Autumn/Winter lineup. Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming agenda.

First up is the Munich Fabric Start event, which is taking place in Monaco of Bavaria’s Munich Order Centre and will be held from 1 – 3 September. Over 20,000 persons are set to attend the 30th annual exhibition, making this an incredible international gathering of the world’s best talent. Attendees can visit one of six rooms, each with a wide selection of themes, including Design Studios, Bluezone, Eco World and Trend World, where designers can offer their most eclectic contributions to the gallery. Lanificio Paoletti will grace the crowd with its unique designs at the Fabrics display, which is dedicated to innovations in textiles and materials.

Munich Fabric start fair

The Munich Fabric Start event is a stimulating one which offers a lot of fresh, different perspectives. Firstly, it presents a wonderful opportunity to highlight the international production and design of fabrics, and is home to over 950 vendors from 35 countries. Secondly, it offers a great chance for people to mingle with buyers in order to network and secure future deals.

We will make our presence known at the Premiere Vision Fair this autumn, which is the flagship event for the European fashion scene. This majestic exhibition will take place at the world-famous Parc d’expositions de Paris on September 15th – 17th, so stop by to visit us at booth 5J49 in order to get an ‘up close and personal’ view of our newest wool creations.

Paris Premiere Vision 2014 trade show

Due to the nature and prestige of the Premiere Vision Fair, many showcasers need to pass a rigorous selection examination. A commision has been set up to determine the quality, originality, as well as the ability to accommodate international requests, in addition to respecting ethical values and corporate social responsibilities. It is, in fact, so popular, that over 62,000 people normally attend it, where they are greeted by over 2,000 vendors from 30 countries who specialise in the world’s finest fashion styles, textiles and designs. When attending the show, prepare to be inspired by the world’s most inventive designs. This is a place where CEOs, executive directors, and company managers flock to in order collaborate with the industry’s best names, suppliers and chief designers.

We have set sail this October for an expedition into Eastern markets in order to initiate new agendas and search for something fresh. Here, we will attend two of Asia’s most up-and-coming events; the Tokyo Jitac Exhibition and Shanghai Intertextile Milano Unica.

Milano Unica 2014 trade show

Interestingly enough, we have been trying to establishing a relationship with Japan, who has shown a keen interest in Italian manufacturers. Happy with the success that we’ve enjoyed so far, we decided to join the Tokyo Jitac Fair, which will be held from 6 – 8 October at the Tokyo International Forum; the most important convention center of its kind in the Japanese capital. Nestled between Tokyo Station and Yūrakuchō and completed in 1996, this structure is one of the finest examples of modern architecture of its kind and gives the appearance of metal and glass shaped into a large vessel that connects its intricate lobbies via suspended corridors.

Shanghai 2014 trade show

China is also gearing up for a taste of haute couture, as its flagship event Shanghai Intertextile Milano Unica plans to showcase all of Italy’s medium-high end companies, combining and interweaving them with Eastern innovations in textiles and accessories. It will take place from 13 – 15th October at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in the heart of China’s economic capital. The festival is one of the best expos in the region, and is the Asian spinoff of the Milano Unica conference–the Italian textile trade show that takes place annually in Milan. Although this is the third edition of the event organised in Asia, it sparked great expectations from exhibitors as well as attendees. This event has also garnered an immense following from all over the country: each year, over 3,400 attendees have come out to see the incredible featured showcases of kiosks, vendors, and designers there.

Milano Unica 2014For us, fairs are still one of the most important avenues to which we can interact with various buyers and compete against foreign competition. In our next post, we’ll keep you updated about more impressions, fashion shows, trends, and anything else that we come across. Stay tuned!

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