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La Via Della Lana 2016

La via della lana

Annual Event on the Cultural Significance of Wool

4th edition- Ardite Trame (Bold Weaving)

The 4th edition of “La Via Della Lana (Wool Road) will be held over two weekends on 7-8 May and 14-16 May 2016. This annual exhibition on the cultural significance of wool will take place in the historical Paoletti wool mill based in the town of Follina, near Treviso, Italy. In the last four years this event has been focused on new trends and developments in the field of wool production, as well as old traditions and shared values. This has led to new ideas and projects related to textile design. The main theme of this 4th edition, named Ardite Trame (Bold Weaving), highlights the importance of networking, sharing common practice, resources and skills that are vital for innovation in the industry, the local area and its community.

La Via Della Lana 2016

The inauguration event will be held on Saturday 7 May, starting with the presentation of Venice Textile Manufacturers, a new project based on sharing common industry practice and creating entrepreneurial value through a cultural impact. This event is supported by Unindustria Treviso, Serica 1870, Maglificio Giordano’s, Manifatture Tessili di Vittorio Veneto, Tessitura Bevilacqua from Venice and Lanificio Paoletti. All projects and ideas of the 4th edition (100% Over Wool) will be on show later in the afternoon starting with five local emerging brands that have been involved in Paoletti’s 2017 spring-summer sampling work and capsule collection. Then it will be Botteghe Temporanee (temporary shop) on its second edition with 19 designers who have come up with innovative solutions to deal with scrap waste from wool work. Following that, there will be another event, “Transiti”, focused on wool mill fiber art. The last event of the day will be 1920s Textile Collections: a trip back to the historical archives of Lanificio Paoletti.

On the following day, Sunday 8 May, there will be several meeting and public debates, thus more opportunities for further examination of project scope and focus. Design Stories and Self-Production will start off in the morning with Annaclara Zambon, who is in charge of the Temporary Shop project, Ivano Vianello, an architect, Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi from Gumdesign and Antonella Maione and Mauro Cazzaro from Kanz Architetti. There will be two more meetings in the afternoon: New Season of textile production and Fashion; the five brands from the “100% Over Wool” project – Alfa Perro, Altrove, D’Alpaos, Liliana Milani and Alessio Zinato – will introduce themselves and have a discussion with Alberto Damian. Then it will be Textile Design and Fiber Art – with Elda Danese, lecturer at IUAV University of Venice and Stefano Pillon, in charge of “Transiti”.

The second weekend will start off on Saturday 14 May with Luna delle Dolomiti: a sustainable future is possible. This is a regional project kick started in 2014 with the aim of reinstating traditional handcraft textile processing and exploiting local wools on short-chain systems. This project is supported by Centro Consorzi Sedico, Istituto Agrario A. Della Lucia, Cooperativa Fardjma, Associazione per la Promozione e la tutela della Pecora Brogna, Pecora di Foza, Associazione Fea di Lamon, Unione Montana Alpago and the new startups Lana e Dintorni and I lavori di Penelope. Danilo Gasparini and Emilio Pastore will also take part. On this occasion, Paoletti Wool Mill will take the opportunity to introduce the international competition on the Enhancement of a Sustainability Culture in the use of Wool. Later in the afternoon, there will be yet another event Dal baco al drappo: la seta veneta tra passato e futuro (from silkworm to cloth: past and future of Venetian silk) a historical and anthropological focus group by Danilo Gasparini with Edoardo Demo, lecturer in Economic History at the University of Verona, Enrico Baldazzi from Serica 1870 andAndrea Paoletti.

On Sunday 15 May, visitors are welcome to visit Momenti bucolici in lanificio (Rural times at the mill). This is an interesting event with live demonstrations of shearing of the Alpago sheep and spinning and weaving with Percorso Vecchi Mestieri dell’Alpago (old masters of Alpago). Later in the afternoon, there will be another event, Itinerari, focused on new local ideas based on territorial heritage as a source of alternative outdoor tourism for families. Italy ProCycling, Una Montagna di Sentieri, Veneto Kids and NaturalMente Guide just to name a few.  Cinema in Lanificio will be back back with another film, Transumanza (Transhumance) from 2015 – a journey that has always been part of human and animal life. Film director Roberto Zazzara will also be there, following Danilo Gasparini’s introduction.

Monday 16 May will be children’s day. There will be plenty of shows, juggling, natural dye labs and textile dance performances. Follina’s band will play their concert to close the event.

Percorsi Sensoriali will be on for the whole duration of the events. This is an ongoing guided tour of the Wool Mill. The Osteria del Tessitore will also be putting on music, entertainment and food tasting. Emporio coperte will be there – Paoletti’s dedicated vintage accessory store will reopen for this event. Tanto di Cappello will showcase the’ brilliant work by pupils from “Bruno Munari” school. On both Sundays, visitors may take part in S-coperta, the group crochet workshop organised with the support of Cuore a Colori.

For further details and information, download the programme 

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