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Pitti Uomo 89 rediscovers the value of textile manufacturing


Lanificio Paoletti’s eye on Pitti Generation(s)

Point of reference of the definition of Italian style since its foundation, Pitti Uomo hasn’t limited itself to show to the world the potentialities of a new Italian men’s fashion industry, it has also shaped its identity and marked its evolution. A consolidated spirit of research in the promotion of Italian and international designers, that grows simultaneously with an ever developing men’s fashion culture, and that hasn’t lost sight of the role of textile manufacturing in defining the concept of high quality.

The appointment that has just ended with Pitti Uomo 89, which marked the opening of the menswear Autumn Winter 2016-2017 season, put emphasis on the dialogue between tradition and innovation, bringing to surface many elements of the daily agenda of an historic firm like Lanificio Paoletti: the exclusivity of highly researched fabrics, with finishing touches that require manual labor, sees the recognition of the value of manufacturing. The reinterpretation of the textile tradition through a contemporary look is, for Lanificio Paoletti, a reflection on the value of artisan production that fashion is able to translate into meaning. The Generation(s) theme perfectly depicts that line of thought that makes the storytelling of the production process, passed down from generation to generation, a strategy for innovation.

Pitti Uomo 89: the exhibitors working with Lanificio Paoletti’s fabrics


The identity of Barena originates from the manufacturing tradition of Venice and from Sandro’s Zara love for wool, real master and interpreter of the high quality wool fabric, who shares with Lanificio Paoletti great attention for safeguarding the memory of the production process.

Lardini Pitti Uomo 89

The check motifs of Lanificio Paoletti’s wool also invade the collection Gabriele Pasini for Lardini, in accordance with the exquisite Italian research that looks at men’s tailoring tradition.

New networks between wool textile manufactures and fashion: the International Woolmark Prize

The 89th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo hosted for the first time the final of the International Woolmark Prize, an award that contributes concretely to strengthening the network between wool textile manufactures and fashion, allowing to the shortlisted designers full access to a wide network of Woolmark Company’s relationships, which cover the international textile and fashion industries. In partnership with spinners and weavers that constitute this global network, to which Lanificio Paoletti belongs, designers are helped in the formative phase of their new activity in the fashion industry.

The collections of the six finalists realized in Australian Merino wool featured at Villa Favard for the menswear category, highlight the trans-seasonal aspects of wool and its sensorial and evocative power.

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