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Sustainable textiles for Winter 2018

Textile Trend Review Autumn Winter 2018-19

What’s the meaning of sustainable textiles?

Transform waste into a resource, cancel the distance from the raw material original area to the manufacture site, reduce the use of chemical agents in the dyeing process: this is how the production of sustainable woolen textiles by Lanificio Paoletti is concieved. Alpago is a region of the Dolomites located less than 40 km from Follina. In this uncontaminated alpine land, a community of shepherds gave life to Fardjma Cooperative with the aim of preserving natural breeding practices of an endangered native sheep species. The wool coat produced by the shearing of the flocks, otherwise destined to the waste dump, since 2011 is purchased and processed by Lanificio Paoletti, respecting the natural nuances of the multicolored fleece characteristic of the alpagota sheep. The mélange variants of the Alpago natural wool fabric collection are obtained from the mixture of the dark wool flakes on the head and the limbs of each sheep, and of the white and yellow wool on the rest of the mantle. According to tradition in every flock there must be a black sheep in order to obtain the darker nuances.

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last

The Vivienne Westwood menswear collection for Fall Winter 2018 includes sustainable textiles by Lanificio Paoletti in two unisex suits with a dressing gown cut jacket: a raw and green version of the 60’s palazzo pajamas, which carries on the activism of the English designer against climate change.

The cape – top trend of the Paris fashion week

Isabelle Marant Autumn Winter 2018 Isalbel Marant Autumn Winter 2018

Isabel Marant dresses the Parisian chic in a folk style, her floating cape in natural Alpago wool recalls the western poncho, embracing a palette of natural colors.

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